Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Collect the Real Thing, Coke!

While researching for this auction, I was thrilled to find a number of Coca-Cola collectibles, all new in box or package.  To see what was behind all the hype, I visited the real site to learn about the Coca-Cola Company.  Here is a video I think you will enjoy.

What a bunch of advertising geniuses! If the product was useful or just plain fun, then Coke had it’s name on it.   Coca-Cola even shaped our vision of Santa Claus.  Haddon Sundblom, was an artist hired by Coca-Cola in the thirties.  That smiling Santa Claus, we know now,  brought cheer with a bottle of Coke in his hand.

There's a wide variety of collectible Coca-Cola Christmas items on the market, and in our auction including trays, tree topper bottles, Santa and polar bear figurines, alarm clocks and ornaments.
When collecting, look for whatever items tickle your fancy, the condition, and the original Sundblom images if you can find them.  Our items have been stored, never used and are new their boxes or packages.  

Coca-Cola has many Collector’s Clubs.  They are plenty of comprehensive price guides and product lines that keep getting bigger and bigger.  Check and see what wonderful Coca-Cola items we have for you.

Happy Bidding,


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Be Prepared Always!

This current auction will get you there. There are wonderful items to help you be prepared in so many areas of your life; your computer, your home, and your campsite to name just a few.   Here are some of our favorites for your automobile.

We direct your attention to item 9. Among other things, a 90 piece Tool Kit in a sporty red leather zippered case, that no car should be without.  Or two Warning Triangles see item 60.


It wasn’t until this auction, that I learned about “real” travel coffee mugs.  See item 131. Smart Mug 2 by JLR gear plugs into 12V Auto lighter power socket and keeps beverage hot or cold. How cool is that? 4 preset temperatures, digital LED display, nonskid rubber base. New in the package.

How about the Wireless Back-up Camera System with color LCD Monitor for your car? The camera mounts to your visor or dash and the camera mounts to your license plate. It installs as easy as 123. Fits all cars. As before all of these items are new in box.  See item 25.

Being Prepared has never been easier!  Just look at our category “For your Car.”

Happy Bidding,


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

When is a bookcase not a bookcase?

Our current auction has an owner who blogs and lately most of my great ideas have come from my fellow bloggers like Jordan at the ReDesignation Blog who featured us on her blog, Let’s Get Ready to Auction.  Check it out and thank you Jordan!

Back to our original question.  When is a bookcase not a bookcase? More specifically, what can you do with a bookcase?  We are so glad you asked.  See the “before” possibility, our own auction item 180.

Then see what fellow blogger Laura Beth Love did with her bookcase.

You could use it to make a dollhouse, a kitchen cabinet, or grocery store for your favorite child.  You could also use it to organize your shoes and handbags in your own closet.  The possibilities are endless and so it the creativity that can be found in the world of blogs.  

Imagine what can be done with item 24 

or item 208 

or any other of our fantastic bookcases offered now.


Let us know what you think.

Happy bidding,