Friday, February 27, 2015

1948 Winchester Model 70


If you go online and Check out the Trophy Room of you will see pictures of proud hunters and their game.  You will also see a significant trend, the rifle used for most was a Win. Model 70.                                                  

It doesn’t happen often that a firearm has the endurance to celebrate its 75th Anniversary. The Winchester Model 70 earned it in 2012, with thousands of sportsmen the world over having relied on its smooth-handling Pre-‘64 style action and legendary accuracy. We are lucky enough to have a 1948 Winchester Model 70 and it’s case in our current auction. See Item 94. This is more than a rifle and a piece of history.
This rifle is a piece of art. Please notice the craftsmanship and the graining of the monte carlo stock; we believe this to be a custom stock and not the original stock..

We want to credit the fine people at for this illustration.
An advertisement used in the 1898 says it best.

Happy Bidding!                              

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Battle of the Bins Better than Storage Wars, Yes!


If you have watched Storage Wars on A&E Cable Television you know how entertaining that show can be. Here at AYP Today we have a new opportunity for you to participate in our own Battle of the Bins!

Is it better than the the TV show? Of course!  
Let us share why we think so and give you a better explanation of this unique format with this particular auction.
There are 18 bins for you to bid on. We do not know what is inside. The pictures have been taken from outside the bin. You are buying the contents “as is”.

You have more time.
On the show you get five minutes to view the contents. We give you a week.

You have a better view.
On the show you walk by the bin. We give you lots of pictures to study.

There are no TV cameras or drama.On the show there is always something. We give you the opportunity in your own home with your own computer. Peace and quiet, except for the kids and the dog.

We thought we would share some tips from the show.

What is labeled on the boxes may not be what is in the boxes.
Items may not look expensive but distinguishing marks may increase the value.
You win everything that is in the bin and must take everything with you.
We agree with Darrel, “This is the Wow Factor!” Even Dave says, “Yuuup!”                  
How much will you pay to see what is in our bin?

Happy Bidding!