Friday, December 22, 2017

Wright Table Co. Did It Right!


Wright Table Company Did It Right!

Established in 1971, by Mr Don Wright, it was located in Morganton, North Carolina. The Wright Table Company made reproduction furniture based on English, French, and American designs from 1690-1830 with “a few wrought iron designs from a more recent vintage” as Mr. Wright liked to say. His craftsman carefully adapted them to meet the needs and dimensions of modern households. The company also offered these custom designs that use 5/4" thick kiln-dried cherry, mahogany and yew wood in solids and veneers to provides adaptive styles (such as overhangs for wheelchair accessibility). A quick search online will demonstrate their fabulous work. They made pieces that were beautiful and comfortable to live with. As Mr. Wright explained, “We are taller and heavier than our 18th century ancestors.” Their pieces are larger than “those slept in by George Washington or written on by Henry Fielding.” The furniture “is substantially made and intended for heavy use. It is our purpose and expectation that our furniture will serve you well and your children and their children for a very long time. We hope that you are as proud to own it as we were to make it.” Please see our current auction items 3 and 4.

In 2015, the Company closed after 44 years, citing falling sales and it’s inability to recover after a substantial fire in 2012. Mr. Wright said, “The greatest thing is that I have had some wonderful employees and I venture to say that my employees are as skilled as anyone in the business. My customer service person is probably the finest customer service person this side of Pluto.” Designers and high-end dealers continue to treasure and sell this wonderful furniture as they come to market

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Monday, December 18, 2017

Great Advice from a Railroad Sign


In the latter half of the 19th Century as American and Railroads began to grow,

it soon became apparent that safety warning signs and signals should be

established to protect people who wanted to cross the tracks. Soon signs were

posted at crossings and sometimes watchmen were posted at busier crossings.

Some examples of these signs include

In today's busy world, we can all benefit by slowing down, and taking the
time to Stop, Look and Listen not only at Railroad Crossing but during
the precious moments with our family and friends and especially during
the holidays.
In our current auction, we have a rare very heavy cast iron sign
that offers another warning to people who happen to be near the tracks.

Railroad Property Trespassing Prohibited Under Penalty of Law

You can get great advice from a railroad sign and also from
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Saturday, December 2, 2017

Grand Prize for the Herschede Grandfather Clock Co.


Known as the highest quality American clock ever made, Herschede Hall Clock Company, founded by Frank Herschede it was based in Cincinnati, Ohio. They produced tubular bell grandfather clocks from 1877 to 1983.  From May of 1960, the plant was located in Starkville, Mississippi.

Frank Herschede (1857-1922) was the visionary that began this company in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the age of 16, he worked as an apprentice watch and clock repairman. At 20, in 1877, he went into business and in 1885, his store moved to the corner of Arcade and Vine. He started to import movements and have his cases made in a cabinet shop on Front Street in Cincinnati.

In 1901, he exhibited in the South Carolina and West Indian Exposition at Charleston, South Carolina, where he received a gold medal for his hall clocks. Frank's son, Walter, graduated from high school in 1902, and went to work in the cabinet shop. The factory moved to Plum Street in 1903 and later added the building next door to make clock movements. Several other medals were won in the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis in 1904; a gold medal for the best hall clock, a gold medal for the best hall clock cases, and a silver medal for tubular chimes. In 1913, the third melody was added to the Whittington and Westminster chimes. "Cantebury Chimes" was composed by Charles Eisen, especially for Herschede clocks.

At the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in 1915, the grand prize was presented to the Herschede Hall Clock Company for chime hall clocks and mantel clocks, and a gold medal was awarded for the hall clock cabinets

Since that time. a brass placcard like this has been added to every Grandfather Clock including ours (see item 1).

By the early 1920's branch sales offices were opened, first in New York City, then in Chicago and San Francisco. Frank Herschede died on September 15, 1922, and Walter was named president in January of 1923. In 1925, Walter started to work with electric movement chime clocks. On February 4, 1934, Walter's son, Dick Herschede, started full time employment. In 1959, a contact was made with the North Mississippi Industrial Development Association, and the plant moved to Starkville, Mississippi in May of 1960. In 1973, Herschede merged with Howard Furniture and Briarwood Lamps into Arnold Industries, Inc. On September 23, 1983, Herschede implemented a plan to restructure the Herschede Hall Clock division from a manufacturer of the finished clocks to a supplier of quality tubular bell movements to the industry. On August 21, 1984, a letter was written by Richard L. Herschede. Jr. President to certify that "The Clock" Model #250 Serial # A642698-35 was the very last of the three shipped from the factory. “The Clock” is now in the House of Herschede Museum a division of Covenant Clock Restorations in Portland, Oregon.

Herschede Comany always took pride in their craftsmanship and the employees that made this possible. Even their advertisements reflected this fact. Here are two I thought you would enjoy.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Solve a Moving Problem with Globe Wernicke Book Cases!


You can solve a moving problem with the Globe Wernicke Book Cases, item 54. They are completely portable and can be added to in sections. Things to consider as you collect and prepare your move are..

1) Original labels: These are in the middle at the back of each individual glass front bookcase section, and can be seen by looking in the bookcase.  Labels can also be useful for dating the units. The labels are made of paper and glued to the lower inside center of the backs of the bookcase units and attached to the bottom or top (non-exposed) surfaces of the top and base sections. Ours has two of the older paper labels. They tell the story. Proudly manufactured in Cincinnati, Ohio.
299 means quarter sawed figured oak, deep rich golden finish, highly polished, brass oxidized hardware.

2) Metal side bands: are there and are original.
3) Finish: ours has the original finish, it has not been painted or refinished.
4) Original wavy glass: Old bookcases like these have the older glass in it. You can see the ripples or waves by standing to the side of the glass pane.
5) The history: Ours has been treasured for years. It has five “Elastic” sectioned Cases with the roller bearing glass fronts, the original top and base!
The bookcases produced by Globe-Wernicke and others, are sometimes called “Barrister” Bookcases because of their popularity with lawyers.
However, the preferred term used by this Company was “Elastic” Book Cases and later “Sectional” Book Cases. The reason was to call attention to the flexible nature of the bookcases, homeowners could purchase a small bookcase set, and then at a later time, purchase additional sections to expand the case as their libraries grew. No sense having your books move all over the place.

The Globe-Wernicke Company was formed in 1899 when the Cincinnati based Globe Files Co., founded in 1882, purchasing the Minneapolis based Wernicke Co., founded in 1893 by Otto Wernicke. The company was best known for their high end bookcases, desks, and other office furniture. Globe-Wernicke went on to established factories in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France and Germany. In World War II, ninety percent of it’s production went to the war efforts. In September 1955, the company was purchased by the City Auto Stamping Company in Toledo, Ohio. In 1963, Globe-Wernicke acquired the Weis Manufacturing Company, and changed the company name to Globe-Weis Systems Company. In 2000, Globe-Weis and four other brands merged to form Cardinal Brands Inc. of Lawrence, Kansas.
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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Beatles


     The Beatles

What can we say about most successful pop group of the 20 century? They changed popular culture and music forever. From their first studio contract in 1962 until 1970, the Beatles lineup consisted of John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr.  Paul and Ringo are still alive and active.

Our current auction offers a trip down memory lane that begins with a few early pieces like the 1964 Beatles Fan Club Season’s Greetings, 45 vinyl records complete with covers that allow you to watch them change over time.

What can we take away from their story?

The Beatles weren’t an overnight success, really.

They started out as the Blackjacks then they called themselves the Quarrymen and played wherever they got a chance. Settling on band members was a challenge. They also called themselves Johnny and the Moondogs for a very brief time which failed. Stuart Sutcliffe the original bass guitarist came up with the name Beatals, a play on Buddy Holly’s Crickets which also didn’t last. The band members went on their own ways for a while. They played under The Silver Beats and Silver Beatles before finally settling down with just The Beatles. All this time, a good 7 years, the band kept doing their thing before they tasted big success starting from 1963. They faced challenges but they believed in their music and practiced their craft.

They didn’t give up!

Enjoy their Anthology in DVD and Hardback Book and their music. We Love You Yeah Yeah Yeah!
Also, let us know if you know of anyone who would like to sell items of value...  We would be happy to help!
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Monday, November 6, 2017

Longaberger Lives!!


Those following the Longaberger Basket Company know that when founder David
Longaberger died, a big part of the Company’s momentum died with him.  The economic downturns and lack of clear vision from the leadership as well as huge turnovers at the top, made it difficult for everyone. After years of retrenchment, a takeover by a Texas company and more than enough lawsuits, it seems Longaberger is making a comeback through its roots.

On October 9th, 2017 The Dresden Times Recorder announced that The Longaberger Company will be moving back to Dresden in the coming months and “those in the village are happy to have them return” .
"Given the local economy this is wonderful news and will sure help revitalize the village," Mayor Dave Mathew said. "We look forward to partnering with Longaberger in this initiative to bringing many wonderful events back to the center of everyone's favorite hometown."
John Rochon, Jr., chief executive officer of Dallas-based JRJR Networks, the company that owns the Longaberger Company, told consultants the move is just the beginning of many wonderful things about to happen with in the company.
"We will be occupying the old patio shops on Main Street again," Baker said. "You'll once again be able to make a basket on Main Street, explore unique shops and stop in for a tour of Longaberger University, where the home office will be located.” Now that is great news!

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Precious Moments Stand the Test of Time!


     Precious Moments Stand the Test of Time!

More than three decades ago, Precious Moments creator, Sam Butcher, began drawing the endearing teardrop eyed children he called "Precious Moments," as gifts for family and friends. Today, Precious Moments is among the most recognized art in the world sharing messages of loving, caring and sharing with collectors around the world.

Here is a picture of Sam standing in front of a mural that he painted at the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, Missouri. They have free tours.

Every Precious Moments figurine created after 1981 has a marking on the bottom that indicates its production year. Many were Christian symbols, the completed list can be found here.

Our current auction offers many Collector Club Figurines that were not available to the general public when they were first released. They still represent Precious Moments today. We know you will be touched by their beauty, craftsmanship and their sweet messages of encouragement and faith.

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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Jim Shore Designs Something to Share!


     Jim Shore Designs Something to Share!   

What says “Boo!” better than Mickey Mouse?

Jim Shore grew up in rural South Carolina, the son of artistic parents and a grandmother who was a master quilter. They instilled a love of American folk art, and  Jim worked decades developing his craft, manufacturing his own designs, and traveling the country selling his work. In 2001, he partnered with Enesco to create Heartwood Creek, the successful brand that brought Jim world wide fame. This auction features those as well as his wonderful designs with Disney Tradition. The collectible figurines designed by Jim Shore combines the magic of Disney with traditional motifs of handmade folk art. Jim Shore has created new interpretations from Mickey Mouse and his friends, to Rudolf and Frozen.
see item 52

Here is something to share!
Jim will guide you through painting your own Halloween Project see
Just wanted you to see some of the amazing Easter Items!

Here is a sampling of some ofthe Christmas Santas and Snowmen!
Thanksgiving Decorating will be a delight for years to come!

Our latest auction offers Jim Shore Designs Thanksgiving, Christmas Santas, Snowmen, Easter Creations. These show tradition with a combined love of art, history, love of fun, family and friends.  Treasure and enjoy all of these for their use of color and story.They would make the perfect gifts for the Holidays!
Happy Bidding!