Saturday, August 30, 2014

Danish is Modern

We are thrilled to have so many excellent examples of fine Danish Modern Furniture.
These are all recognizable for their simple, elegant, and airy forms.  This furniture is traditionally very high quality and has stood the test of time.


The development of modern Danish furniture owes much to the collaboration between architects and cabinetmakers. Cabinetmaker A. J. Iversen, who had successfully exhibited furniture from designs by architect Kay Gottlob at the Paris World Exhibition in 1925, was instrumental in fostering further partnerships. In 1927, with a view to encouraging innovation and stimulating public interest, the Danish Cabinetmakers Guild organized a furniture exhibition in Copenhagen which was to be held every year until 1967.


In the postwar years, Danish designers and architects believed that design could be used to improve people's lives. Particular attention was given to creating affordable furniture and household objects that were both functional and elegant.

Niels Otto Moller, 1920-1981, one of the designers of our chairs, completed his apprenticeship as a cabinetmaker in 1939, and continued his education at the Danish design school in Aarhus. In 1944 he founded J.L. Møllers MøbelfabrikA/S and worked as an independent furniture designer and producer. Under his careful tutelage and creative direction, the company has received many awards including the Danish Furniture Prize awards in 1974 and 1981.

DSC06726.JPG is one of my favorite new sites as they have categories and actual advertisements to help you identify your favorite designers and furniture.
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