Saturday, March 4, 2017

What makes our Globe-Wernicke bookcase (item 112) extra special?  It is as easy as counting to five...

1) Original labels: These are in the middle at the back of each individual glassfront bookcase section, and can be seen by looking in the bookcase.  Labels can also be useful for dating the units. The labels are made of paper and glued to the lower inside center of the backs of the bookcase units and attached to the bottom or top (non-exposed) surfaces of the top and base sections. Ours is one of the older paper labels.
299 – quarter sawed figured oak, deep rich golden finish, highly polished, brass oxidized hardware

2) Metal side bands, are they there and are they original.  Yes.
3) Finish, is it original finish or has it been refinished.  Original.
4) Original wavy glass: Old bookcases like these had the older glass in it. You can see the ripples or waves by standing to the side of the glass pane and looking for them.  Original Glass.
5) Get the history: Ours have been in a single family, treasured for years and rarely moved. We have the top and base!

The value of a Globe Wernicke bookcase is determined by those factors and ours is very special indeed!  

The bookcases produced by Globe-Wernicke are usually called “barrister” bookcases because of their popularity with lawyers.

However, the preferred term used by the company was “elastic” bookcase and later “sectional” bookcases. The reason was to call attention to the flexible nature of the bookcases, homeowners could purchase a small bookcase set, and then at a later time, purchase additional sections to expand the case as their libraries grew. Perfection!

Prices on Ebay and other auction sites range from $500 to $1400.

Happy Bidding!