Thursday, May 21, 2015


        We are so fortunate to have a signed and numbered work of
Daniel Joshua Goldstein, an amazing art activist.

We have two of his earlier works from 1982 which reflect a lighter calmer time. His gradation of color and light reflect a simplicity and reflective meditative quality. The two pieces could stand alone but together they resonate and elevate the works in a symmetrical synergistic way.

Goldstein’s color gradations in this work and in his later work were inspired by Japanese prints of the Edo period. He is fascinated, as are we, by the “mysterious space between the inside and outside, dream and reality... through the use of doorways, empty rooms, luminous surfaces and soft shadows.”
His own Studio bio describes him as a San Francisco based artist originally from New York. His woodblock prints, collages and sculptures have been exhibited in leading galleries and museums throughout the world. Some of his most famous AIDS/HIV awareness sculptures include “Invisible Man” and “Medicine Mother”

“Medicine Man for South Africa” – Interview with Daniel Goldstein

Daniel Goldstein's life and art have proven to be an effective voice in an effort to Make Art Stop AIDs. We invite you to watch the installation of his work on YouTube.
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