Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"What is all the fuss about trading cards?”

I couldn't see it until we started researching the large and varied collection of sports trading cards we have in the current auction.  Then I (reluctant fan, just ask my husband) was hooked.  We hope you will be too.

It is more than just the card, it’s the stats, the competition between teams, the memories, and the players of course.  Just picking up that special card can transform you back to the time you were at the stadium with your Dad. Together, you actually saw one of those recorded home runs happen.  The crack of the bat! The roar of the crowd! What a thrill!

Cards are traded for more that just their memories.  To value a card, check out this site. Most values are based on age and low circulation. After 1988, there were endless companies making numerous cards, and some made multiple sets. While some individual cards still have good value like Ken Griffey Jr. (Upper Deck rookie), cards of today’s stars can have value, and sometimes you just have to wait. Some cards are valued based on condition, if it is centered properly and if the corners are sharp (not fuzzy).  eBay can determine value. For our baseball cards, see items 7, 35, 39 and 69. 

Baseball cards have been made and collected since the late 1870's. Companies used the popularity of baseball players to sell their products. Nearly all baseball cards have some form of advertising. Some cards were given away for free. In the early 20th Century some cards were sold in packs of cigarettes or candy. In the 1950s-70s Topps sold their cards with a stick of gum. We have cards in our auction that still have their gum. Cards have promoted the sale of nearly everything from cheese to underwear to dog food to beer.

Today's cards include other sports and are popular enough that they are sold alone or together with photographs of the athlete.  In our auction, we have the National Football League represented in items 8, 9, 14, 63 and more. The National Hockey League represented in these items. And the National Basketball Association cards can be found in item 27.

Once purchased, cards need to be protected if you want to preserve value.  There are many cute ideas on the web to decorate using your cards.  Otherwise, do what we did as kids, open the packs and trade them with your friends.  Fair warning, my little nephews will be bidding on this auction, they know these cards would make great stocking stuffers.

Enjoy your sport and enjoy your cards,

Happy Bidding,


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