Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Whitney Piano A French Provincial Beauty!



We have a lovely apartment size baby grand from the golden era of piano building. This piano was built by the Whitney Piano Company, one of the subsidiaries of the famous Kimball Piano Company of Chicago.   It is made of elegantly carved Circassian walnut wood, and is of the French Provincial style. The carvings are magnificent.
The Whitney Piano Company was operational from about 1895 to1955. In most cases, Whitney piano were nearly identical to Kimball pianos, but they were marketed to be a bit more affordable than the costlier Kimball line. Kimball enjoyed great success selling Whitney pianos over the years
Today, modern piano manufacturers tend to put their better quality, materials, and workmanship in their larger, more expensive pianos. Modern manufacturers count on people buying small pianos for aesthetics rather than for function, so they are able to make small new pianos of lesser quality that still sell.
You can buy a new Asian imported baby grand piano for under $10,000, but you get what you pay for. You may get particle board cabinets, plastic action parts, acrylic veneer, and green unseasoned wood. These cheap new pianos suffer severe deterioration after only a few years due to the lack of quality materials and workmanship.
A vintage baby grand Whitney piano like the one in this auction is made of top quality REAL wood, no plastic or particle board. Wood is what resonates to make a pianos tone quality. The original matching bench is included. This beauty will be the delight of anyone who is lucky enough to purchase it.
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